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Competitive intelligence is the process by which organizations gather and use information about products, customers, and competitors, for their short term and long term planning. 
SHRC research and analysis team provides the strategic edge by finding and analyzing the most valuable information relevant to our clients' causes and using it to develop strategic plans.
Are you looking to:

  • Developing a new product, or service?
  • Contemplating a merger, pitching a potential client?
  • Expanding to a new market?
  • New ways to grow your business?

Make informed decisions with information tailored to your business and marketing needs.
SHRC can gather information on the competition through online and electronic databases, manual research, telephone research and mystery shopping. The process can provide a holistic view of the competition and how your company can move forward.

  • Business Research
  • Industry Overviews
  • Market Overviews
  • News Tracking