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Sugar Hill Research & Consulting (SHRC) is a leading independent research and business management consulting firm that focuses on assisting businesses to make intelligent decisions with solutions that are designed to help meet objectives and improve competitive position.  We offer a broad range of services which specialize in helping businesses uncover, refine and promote their essential qualities.

With increased globalization, demanding customer requirements, skyrocketing operational costs, and tight delivery deadlines are placing new challenges upon many organizations. SHRC can help organizations rise to meet these challenges.

SHRC will enable your organization to:

  • Define and commit to tactical/strategic goals
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to success
  • Produce strategic business results
  • Measure and validate success
  • Monitor results for continuous improvement

We take pride in providing the highest-quality management to our clients. We combine experience, creativity and a focus on our clients' unique needs to help them achieve their goals.

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.”

-Kahlil Gibran