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Feasibility Studies

Conducting a feasibility study is a good business practice. If you examine successful businesses, you will find that they did not go into a new business venture without first thoroughly examining all of the issues and assessing the probability of business success.

Why conduct a feasibility study?

  • Gives focus to the project and outline alternatives
  • Narrows business alternatives
  • Surfaces new opportunities through the investigative process
  • Identifies reasons not to proceed
  • Enhances the probability of success by addressing and mitigating factors early on that could affect the project
  • Provides quality information for decision making
  • Helps to increase investment in the company
  • Provides documentation that the business venture was thoroughly investigated
  • Helps in securing funding from lending institutions and other sources
  • The feasibility study is a critical step in the business assessment process. If properly conducted, it may be the best investment you ever made.

Whether for a start-up of a new business, for an expansion of an existing business, or acquire an existing business SHRC can deliver the needed information to make strategic decisions regarding the market, competition and location.